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Technologies and standards

Axone is a true believer in open, standard and component-based architecture.

We are exclusively promoting the usage of IT standards and proven software engineering technologies in order to deliver component-based architectures through State-of-the-art J2EE and XML design patterns - with focus on performance, extensibility, customization and internationalization issues.

  • Iterative design and implementation (Unified Process / UML)
  • Simple but scalable service/component-based architecture using proven design patterns
  • IT development standards like UML, Java and W3C (XML, WebServices).
  • Third party open source or commercials components
  • Meta-Model driven application development

Axone - Tel + 32 4 253 68 44 - info@axone.be - Boulevard Gustave Kleyer,15 | 4000 Liège - AWEX