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Axone is a GIS / LBS vendor independent company. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and expertise in graphics and geo-spatial / location-based technologies, we can to help you implementing the best solution by addressing the real business use-cases and not delivering “yet another graphical and GIS package”.


Many industries are looking for enhancing their market visibility by adding highly interactive graphical tools and/or geo-enabled technologies into their product architecture. Other industries may also need to offer interactive graphical-based solutions or geo-enabled solutions into their product portfolio. However, graphics and geo-spatial technologies are too complex and most of today’s architectures are based on proprietary solutions with limited customization capabilities. For the customer there is no clear return on investment due to a long and painful development and delivery process and a costly maintenance. Moreover, it may be difficult to integrate geo-location capabilities into legacy or non-spatial aware products if the underlying technologies are not well understood and applied.



We can assist you implementing or integrating highly interactive vector-based graphics and geo-spatial based capabilities into your new projects, legacy systems or non graphics / geo-enabled applications. We are providing you with open and scalable component-based architectures using state-of-the-art interactive graphical technologies (SVG) and standard and open source standard geo-spatial technologies (W3C, Open GIS, GML). Thanks to an in-depth expertise in most GIS engines, OpenGIS architectures, Spatial-aware databases and graphical tools techniques, we can provide you with both the technical and application aspects required to develop location aware services, graphical and visualization techniques.

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