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Network Ressources Management
Location based systems
E-business solutions

Softwares engineering services

Thanks to our expertise in software development – from strategy and methodology to product delivery – Axone can help you to develop your business by providing them with best-in-class IT consulting and development services:

  • IT strategy consulting in order to help setting up and fine tuning an iterative software development process (Rational Unified Process / UML)
  • Research & Development, Technology Assessment and Prototyping services in order to help choosing the most appropriate technologies for customer projects.
  • Mentoring or Reengineering consulting in order to improve development processes or architectures.

One of the key challenges in software development is the ability to deliver “time-to-market” solutions. This can only be achieved by following an iterative development process and by implementing highly modular / component-based architectures using standard technologies and leveraging 3 rd party components. In order to stay competitive, IT companies are always looking at improving their product architectures with proven software development processes, architectures and technologies. They also want to make sure their IT people are moving along that technology path.



Axone has detailed software engineering expertise in the following domains:

Telecommunications / Network Infrastructure

Location-based (GIS) systems

  • OpenGIS interoperable API’s (WMS/WFS/WCS)
  • XML / SVG Interactive maps
  • Most of the de facto standards GIS systems (ESRI, MapInfo, Intergraph, SmallWorld, AutoCad, Star, …)
  • Most of the open source GIS engines or components (MapServer, GeoTools, GeoServer, …)
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