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Axone is a Value Added Reseller of The N(i)2 SolutionT from N(i)2 Inc.


The N(i)2 Solution™ empowers enterprises to take control of their network by providing "ready to use" tools for the design, documentation, provisioning and operation of mission critical resources. The N(i)2 Solution™ is available in three solutions:


The N(i)2 Solution™ for ICT Resources Management

Ready-to-use inventory based solution that supports the IT configuration management, asset management, and change management process. This solution was developed to address the needs of IT department with limited resources that still need to manage and optimize a large volume of ICT assets.



The N(i)2 Solution™ for Network Resources Management

Best-of-breed inventory based solution that accurately manages all the resources required to deliver network services, enabling the enterprise to identify availability, location, and capacity of its network assets. This solution was developed to address the needs of enterprise IT department with a growing need to include the network resources as part of their asset management process.


The N(i)2 Solution™ for Network Infrastructure Planning


Inventory based application for the planning, design and documentation of infrastructure networks.
This solution was developed to address the needs of enterprises that own an important network infrastructure. Often called pseudo service providers, these enterprises need to extend and maintain on a regular basis their mission critical network.


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